InnoVision is an engineering company in the area of interior and environment, mostly retail and commercial fit-outs. The technical part of the design is our specialty.

“How do we materialize the image that the designer or customer has in mind, within the set budget and within the set time schedule?”

That is the question that concerns us.

We make the translation between the creative input and the technical realization. We speak the language of the designer and customer, as well as the language of the manufacturer and the building contractor. We have a passion for technology, a sense of design and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We take on the challenge to bring to life what our clients have in mind.

Our Services

  • The technical development and detailing of your design.
  • The recording of the fit-out location, trough accurate measuring, translated into technical drawings.
  • Visualizing the design in detailed 3D representations.
  • Implementing the design into technical specifications, documentation and technical drawings.
  • Taking care of the necessary building permits.
  • To coordinate and supervise the implementation and building process.